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Welcome to Phono, your global leader in high-performance solar panels. As a division of the Fortune Global 500 Sinomach Corporation, Phono Australia brings you decades of excellence in renewable energy solutions.

In 2013 there were more than 400 solar panel manufacturers approved for install in Australia. Today there are fewer than 100.

Phono knows that we have a duty to our customers for the entirety of our solar panel’s multi-decade warranty.

Our financial strength means that we know we will be around to honour our warranties. This is our commitment to Australians and the Australian solar market.

Innovative, Reliable & Sustainable

Phono centres on three fundamental principles: reliability, innovation, and sustainability. Our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities produce world-class products, assuring customers of unwavering support throughout the entire 25-year lifespan of their solar projects. Our commitment to innovation is exemplified by our dedicated efforts to introduce sustainable solutions into everyday life, utilising environmentally friendly materials within the realm of photovoltaic energy. For Phono Solar, “sustainable” transcends being a mere buzzword – it embodies a pledge to translate scientific and technological advancements into tangible benefits for residential, commercial, and utility systems, generating value that is not only economic but also social and ecological.

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See how Phono Solar Panels are made

See how the Phono Solar Panels are manufactured to the strictest standards and tested to ensure they are built to thrive in harsh Australian conditions.

440W | Dual Glass Transparent Bi-Facial N.HJT


Engineered to Thrive in Australia

Phono Solar Panels: Powering a Sustainable Future for Homes and Businesses

Explore the future of solar energy with Phono’s cutting-edge panels, offering solutions for both residential and commercial applications. Our panels are meticulously designed to deliver unmatched performance and durability in Australian conditions. Discover the range of solar solutions tailored for your needs:

Helios Clear (NEW)

Helios HJT Series

Diamond Dual Glass

TwinPlus Series

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Phono has earned the esteemed title of SolarQuotes “Best Solar Panels,” boasting an impressive customer rating of 4.7/5 based on a multitude of reviews. As one of the trusted solar panel brands, our commitment to excellence is reflected in the positive feedback from numerous satisfied customers.

EUPD Awards

Discover excellence in solar energy with Phono, proudly holding the prestigious title of EUPD Australia’s top brand in photovoltaics for an impressive six consecutive years. Our commitment to innovation, reliability, and sustainability has consistently set us apart, making Phono the trusted choice for those seeking top-tier solar solutions. As leaders in the industry, we continue to redefine standards, providing cutting-edge solar panels that embody unparalleled quality and performance. 

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