Salt Mist Certification

To the Highest Severity Level

Cyclone Tested

Rated for Wind Regions like NT

Increased Hail Testing

For increased resilience

25 Year

Product Warranty

30 Year

Performance Warranty


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Data Sheet

Warranty Terms

Installation Manual


Module Efficiency
Up to 21.25%
Temperature Coefficient


Cell Type
Monocrystalline 182mm x 91 mm
Dimension (L × W × H)
1722mm x 1134mm x 30mm
1.6mm/1.6mm Toughened Glass
Anodized Aluminium Alloy
Phono Diamond Dual Glass


Product Warranty
25 Year
Performance Warranty
30 Year

*30-year linear performance warranty to 88% at year 30

Reliable Solar Modules for Australia's Toughest Conditions

Our solar modules are designed to deliver uncompromising functional reliability even in the most challenging Australian environmental conditions.

Built Tough To Perform In Australia

The Diamond Dual Glass also has Bifacial Technology which means it can absorb power from both sides of the panel. In optimal install conditions like tilt frames, up to 25% more power yield can be gained.

  1. Black Anodised Aluminium Frame
  2. Front: Heat strengthened Glass with Anti-Reflective Coating
  3. Encapsulant POE
  4. High Efficiency Cells
  5. Encapsulant POE
  6. Back: Heat strengthened Glass

Dual Glass & Bifacial Technology

The Diamond Dual Glass solar panel can absorb power from both sides of the panel. In optimal install conditions, up to 30% additional power yield can be gained thanks to its Bifacial design.

Why choose the Diamond Dual Glass?

The Diamond Dual Glass BiFacial Solar Panel is the result of manufacturing for harsh Australian conditions for over 10 years. This innovative panel is built tough, has more warranted power and takes advantage of BiFacial technology to give you more solar savings.

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