Freedom Foods Group

Revolutionizing Energy Sustainability

Freedom Foods Group's Cutting-Edge Solar and Storage Solution


To improve grid power quality, counteract rising energy prices and a sharp increase in electricity site consumption for both UHT milk and Protein operations, Freedom Foods Group required a solar and energy storage solution. This project represented a landmark for commercial behind-the-meter solar installations in Australia and was completed in early 2020.
The system features 380W Sumec Phono Solar PERC Twin Plus Modules, Solar Embedded Generators, Energy Storage, Voltage Optimisation and more to deliver 5.36GWh of Annual Energy Production.
The installation of this system has resulted in electricity savings in excess of 35%, hedging for the daylight cost of electricity and a projected 3.6 year payback on this investment. This installation has also led to a projected reduction in Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions of 5,470 metric tonnes of CO2. 

This installation has also led to a projected reduction in Annual Greenhouse Gas Emissions of 5,470 metric tonnes of CO2