Salt Mist Certification

To the Highest Severity Level

Cyclone Tested

Rated for Wind Regions like NT

Increased Hail Testing

For increased resilience

30 Year

Product Warranty

30 Year

Performance Warranty


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Module Efficiency
Up to 22.53%
Temperature Coefficient

HJT cells, which boast world-leading efficiency, offer 4% more power compared to PERC, the standard cell technology. Their outstanding power temperature coefficient of -0.26%/°C ensures greater performance, particularly in hotter conditions, making them a superior choice for areas with high temperatures.


Cell Type
HJT Monocrystalline
Dimension (L × W × H)
1722mm x 1134mm x 30mm
1.6mm/1.6mm Toughened Glass
Anodized Aluminium Alloy


Product Warranty
30 Year
Performance Warranty
30 Year

*30-year linear performance warranty to 88% at year 30

Reliable Solar Modules for Australia's Toughest Conditions

Our solar modules are designed to deliver uncompromising functional reliability even in the most challenging Australian environmental conditions.

Five Layers for Harvesting More Energy

Heterojunction solar cells use a three-layered structure to harvest more. One crystalline N-type silicon wafer surrounded by two thin amorphous silicon layers that we then protect with two layers of toughened glass.

This design boosts efficiency up to 22.53% by capturing at each layer. The top layer harvests bonus sunlight before it reaches the crystalline layer, and the lower layer absorbs any light that passes through.

  1. Toughened Glass
  2. Amorphous Silicon Layers
  3. N-Type Mono Wafer
  4.  Amorphous Silicon Layers
  5. Toughened Glass

Tougher Dual Glass Design

In Australia, solar panels often suffer from warranty problems caused by deteriorating plastic backsheets. To combat this, Dual Glass technology, which substitutes plastic with glass, has been developed, with Phono Solar leading its application in Australian homes.

This innovation is beneficial because it enables bifacial solar panels to harness power from both sides, potentially increasing energy yield by up to 25% under ideal conditions, marking a substantial leap in solar technology efficiency.

What's This - Phono Helios HJT Bifacial Solar Panel

Discover the innovative technology behind the Phono Helios Series solar panel. Watch this video to learn more about its high-efficiency bifacial design and exceptional 30-year warranty.

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