Austchilli Bundaberg

  • YEAR: 2016
  • LOCATION: Bundaberg, Queensland
  • SUMEC PHONO SOLAR PANEL UTILISED: 260W Sumec Phono Solar Hyperion Modules

Solar is an excellent match for Australian businesses that operate during the day like Austchilli. Austchilli’s management team realised years ago that energy costs were only going to go up, and that Solar PV was providing free electricity for countless companies in Australia.
After taking the time to research commercial solar, Austchilli installed an integrated system in 2016.
The system features 260W Sumec Phono Solar Hyperion Modules which were installed facing multiple directions to capture the largest potential of sunshine during the day to reduce electricity draw on the grid and peak demand charges.
This project resulted in a 30% load reduction and a substantial decrease in the peak demand charges because of the multi-facing install design. These reductions made this a cash-flow positive investment from the first quarter with a payback period of 4-5 years which was ahead of the original predictions.

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