Maranoa Regional Council Projects

  • YEAR: 2020
  • LOCATION: Maranoa Region, Queensland
  • SUMEC PHONO SOLAR PANEL UTILISED: 330W and 400W Sumec Phono Solar PERC Twin Plus Modules

Maranoa Regional Council installed 375kW of Solar across 9 projects in three towns throughout the Maranoa Region of Queensland. This project was initiated to immediately save on annual energy costs with a high Return on Investment. The systems installed ranged from 10kW to 75kW in locations like the Roma Library, PCYC and Big Rig Park.
Due to the varying sizes of the installs, both the 330W and 400W Sumec Phono Solar PERC Twin Plus Modules were utilised and played a significant part in securing the project due to the combination of performance, efficiency and value.
The systems were installed and received a positive response from the locals due to the transition to renewable energy. The Maranoa Regional Council is estimated to save over $100,000 per year on energy costs going forward with a projected Return on Investment greater than 30%.

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