Western Downs Regional Council Project

  • YEAR: 2017
  • LOCATION: Western Downs Region, Queensland
  • SUMEC PHONO SOLAR PANEL UTILISED: 270W Sumec Phono Solar Hyperion Modules

In 2017 Western Downs Regional Council installed 638kW of Solar across more than 10 council sites in the Western Downs region. The system sizes varied from 25kW up to 80kW per site with ground mount and roof mount installs. Sites included wastewater treatment plants, aquatic centres, corporate offices aged care facilities and other various office premises.
The systems featured 270W Sumec Phono Solar Hyperion Modules, Clenergy Mounting Systems, Fronius Inverters, FIMER Inverters, Supply Partners Network Protection Boards and Solar Analytics for monitoring.
The forecast annual net bill reduction was $168,725.55, which offered a 2.64 year Return on Investment (ROI). This ROI has since been realised and actual reductions were above initial forecasts. Western Down Regional Council has seen significant relief in Kwh charges as well as decreases in peak demand charges.

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